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Three-dimensional furniture brought to life through the expertise of artisans in Okawa, Japan's leading region for furniture production. The rittai-kumiko technique, with its multi-layering of simple latticework, generates a sense of depth reminiscent of kakezukuri, the traditional construction method used for Kyoto’s Kiyomizu stage. Each individual component is assembled by hand, without the use of nails, producing a beautiful form with supple strength.

* Each item is made on demand, so it may take some time for delivery. Especially for XL, it will take several months.

3K-01S / 3K-01M / 3K-01XL
small:W380×D380×H415 [mm]
medium:W480×D480×H515 [mm]
extra large:W1800×D715×H415 [mm]
Material: walnut

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Rittai-kumiko is a technique used to construct three-dimensional forms using blocks with a nominal cross section of around ten millimetres. The blocks are cut by machine and then assembled by hand with the aid of hammers, but no nails. Even after a tree has been felled, the wood continues to expand and contract according to the conditions. The hardness of wood can also vary between species, meaning that an artisan must always be adjusting his hammering to match the material at hand.


Maeda Tategu

Established in 1968 in the city of Okawa, Fukuoka prefecture, Japan’s largest centre for furniture production. The company handles the entire production process, from design to assembly, of custom-made furniture and other interior items. Hideharu Maeda, the company’s second generation master, combines the efficiency of machines with hand skills to create extraordinary rittai-kumiko.