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Ayamaki Stand light

Ayamaki Stand light

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Cocoon-like stand light featuring a pure silk lampshade and stand wrapped in sanadahimo cords. Ayamaki is the culmination of a unique partnership, combining the expertise of raw silk manufacturer Ajisawa Seishi and woven cord maker Ichimura Sanadahimo. The shade shifts from a soft, gentle lustre to a warm glow with the flick of a switch, revealing the countless threads wrapped around the sphere. Complemented by vermillion cords, the light brings a modern touch to interiors.

Size: Φ300×H432 [mm]
Material: silk (shade); SUS (legs); cable wrapped in pure silk sanadahimo braided cord

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Silk lampshade

The city of Okaya, Nagano prefecture, is home to one of only two manufacturers of silk lampshades worldwide. Wet silk is drawn directly from the cocoon, wound around a spherical mould and allowed to dry. When the mould is eventually removed, a pure silk lampshade remains, free of any framework and glowing with an incomparable lustre.



Sanadahimo is known as the world’s thinnest woven fabric product. Durable and functional, the cords have a large number of warp threads, making them remarkably strong. For this reason, they were used to firmly secure armour, armaments and other heavy objects in the days of the samurai. Also used to tie up paulownia boxes and wrap tea utensils, among other decorative applications, sanadahimo can be woven to incorporate a wide variety of designs.


Ajisawa Seishi

Founded in 1912 in the city of Okaya, Nagano prefecture, one of Japan’s major silk industry centres. With its studio on the shores of Lake Suwa, the company manufactured silk through severe difficulties including war, earthquakes and recessions. The company has now become a manufacturer of interior products made from raw silk. Among these products are enchanting lampshades, developed through a joint effort between local industry and academia, and made using special machines. Ajisawa Seishi is one of only two manufacturers of these lampshades worldwide.


Ichimura Sanadahimo

Founded in 1914 in Itabashi ward, Tokyo, Ichimura Sanadahimo is the only sanadahimo factory in the Kanto region. The workers use antique wooden looms from the Taisho period and if any part needs replacing, they make the new parts themselves by hand. The sanadahimo cords woven by Hiroshi Ichimura, the third son of the second-generation master, Tosai Ichimura, have been selected by the Imperial Household Agency and the iemoto (grand master) of tea ceremony schools.


Usage precautions

- Due to the handmade nature of this item, some natural variations may occur.
- For daily maintenance, use a duster or a handy mop with soft bristles.
- Avoid exposure to direct sunlight.
- The shade is easily damaged, so please take care to avoid strong impacts and loads.
- Silk is a highly absorbent material, so avoid placing the item in a humid environment.