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Arare-koboshi (Aji stone)

Arare-koboshi (Aji stone)

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Hinoki cypress box with a carved stone panel, inspired by the arare-koboshi (hailstorm) stone paths at Kyoto’s Katsura Imperial Villa. Brought to life in the town of Mure, Takamatsu, the lid is made from local Aji stone with a design that highlights its fine grain and deep lustre. Decorated with extravagance, the treasure box is a work of art.

Sized to accommodate A4 documents, the box opens to reveal the sweet scent of hinoki cypress.

Size: W359×D359×H79.5 [mm]
Material: hinoki cypress, Aji stone

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Aji stone

Hard, durable and with a low water absorption rate, granite is commonly used for tombstones in Japan. Known as the “diamond of granite”, Aji stone has a fine grain and retains its colour over time. Isamu Noguchi, one of the leading sculptors of the twentieth century, used the material in a number of his works.


Fuseishi Sekizai

Fuseishi Sekizai was founded in the town of Mure in Takamatsu, Kagawa prefecture, in 1975. The second-generation artisan, Yasuhiro Fuseishi, moved from the world of hairdressing to take over his family’s tombstone manufacturing business. Forging its own path forward, the company works with the local Aji stone, renowned for its use in high-quality tombstones, making use of high-level techniques to craft accessories, household items and more.


Yoshihara Woodworks

Founded in 1958 in the city of Hamada, Shimane prefecture. In a workshop nestled in the hills, the company mainly produced wedding furniture in its early years, and is now known for fittings such as shoji screens and kumiko. Keiji Yoshihara, the second-generation master, renovated the facilities to “create an environment where craftspeople can work with pride”. The spacious studio is now also a training ground for many future artisans.


Usage precautions

- Due to the handmade nature of this item, some natural variations may occur.
- Place the item on a safe, stable surface.
- The Aji stone lid is heavy, so please be careful when opening and closing it.
- If the item becomes wet, dry it immediately. Allowing the item to remain wet will result in mould forming.
- The item is made from soft, unfinished wood, so please handle it with care.
- To remove dust, clean gently with a feather duster or similar tool that uses static electricity, or use an air sprayer.
- Avoid exposure to direct sunlight and heat as this will result in discolouration and deterioration.