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Auspicious 8

Auspicious 8

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[Limited edition of ten pieces]

Sculptural lamp handcrafted by bamboo artist Hajime Nakatomi. Illuminated from below, the object creates an interplay of light and shadow, leaving its mark — transient as it may be — on the surrounding space.

The light includes a dimming function.

Each item is made on demand, so it may take some time for delivery

Size: approx. W450×H380×D170( may vary between items)[mm]
Material: madake bamboo, rattan, urushi lacquer (form);
painted steel (frame)

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Hajime Nakatomi

(bamboo artist)
Born in 1974 in Osaka. As a university student,
Nakatomi was inspired by the works of Shounsai Shono, who had been designated a Living National Treasure at the time, and decided to pursue a career as a bamboo artist. After graduating from university, Nakatomi studied the basics of the art in Beppu, a major centre for bamboo art, and apprenticed under Seiryu Honda. Nakatomi has worked as an independent artist since 2005. His work has been
exhibited at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, and museums and galleries in major cities including New York, London and Paris. He has also created artworks for the Ritz-Carlton Kyoto, Four Seasons Tokyo Otemachi and Fukuoka Airport’s VIP lounge. His work is included in public collections at the Philadelphia Museum of Art and San Francisco Asian Art Museum, among others.


Bamboo crafts

Hard, flexible and easy to split, bamboo has long been a part of daily life in Japan. Bamboo crafts generally use the madake variety, which is known for its resilience and ease of weaving. After the bamboo is cut down, considerable time and effort is required before the thin strips of material are ready to be woven. In addition to baskets and other tools for living, the craftsmanship behind bamboo products has seen the craft also gain prominence in the worlds of art and fashion.


Usage precautions

- Due to the handmade nature of this item, some natural variations may occur.
- For daily maintenance, wipe with a soft, dry cloth.
- Strong impacts will cause damage to the bamboo section, so please handle it with care.
- Exposure to direct sunlight will cause the colour to fade and the bamboo to dry out, causing it to weaken.
- To avoid mould forming, keep the item away from moisture.